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2009-12-03 15:01:57 by Ibrahim1250

Not too long ago, my Flash port of Doom was nominated for the FHM's 2009 Web Game Awards. With the help of you awesome NG users, it managed to win the contest, including a £3000 cash prize!

It's cool that the game won, but I wasn't crazy about taking the cash prize. The folks at id Software are the ones who created this incredible game -- all I did was recompile it into Flash. That's nothing compared to creating original and great Flash games like Robokill and Portal!

So I've decided to donate the prize to a good cause. I've donated half of the winnings to the Canary Foundation. The Canary Foundation is dedicated to finding simple tests for detecting cancer early, when it's most treatable. You can read a good article on The Canary Foundation over at Wired.

I've donated the other half of the winnings to the Free Software Foundation. id Software has always been a supporter of free software and is kind enough to publicly release the source code to its old games. This lets hackers like me tinker and learn! It seems only fitting to give back to the free software movement. :)

To go along with this blog post, I was planning to update Flash Doom with some bugfixes. Well, I got a little carried away -- because I added support for Heretic and Hexen by Raven Software! Instead of flooding the Portal with conversions, I've packaged them all into the Doom Triple Pack! I did add mouse control, but Flash isn't very good at it, so unfortunately you have to click and drag. All three games have medals to collect. Enjoy!


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